Contacs view: Select "columns" in business card view

  • Dear all,
    would it be possible to use the possibility of selecting the fields in the business cards view of Contacts, too?
    If you are in column view, you have the feature of selecting a lot of fields, unfortunately in the business cards view, you don’t have even the email address visible.

    Somebody to support this feature requests :-)
    thanks for support or reply

  • Kopano

    Hi Scheini,

    I’ve asked your question in the business card redesign ticket. You should be able to see it:

  • @marty : Thank you

  • Hi all:
    sad news. Seems Kopano does not want to implement it.
    Martijn Alberts The selection of items shown on the business card should be automatic, it is not intended to make it configurable.

    The ‘phone list’ view allows you to be very specific about which ‘fields’ you want to see…

    The reason to request is/was the following. In phone list view you have always all columns (even the empty ones), not only the filled one.
    I have a lot of double contact entries, where the same information is stored in different fields.
    As I do not have the possibility to export/import the phone list easily, I thought to use the business card view, where only filled information is shown. This would have helped - as well as for regular data cleansing in future - to cross check the contact details

    Perhaps you reconsider once again, or help me finding a workable solution for data cleansing and maintenance.


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