Hitting Print-button prints out the wrong email.

I just had one of my power-users for the second time reporting that when she choose to print out an email, it was another email that got printed out. If you open an email in a new Tab, and then hit the big print-button inside kopano, the mail it prints out is whichever is currently marked in your Inbox, and not the one you are currently looking at in another Tab. The users expects that the mail they are currently reading is really the one that they end up printing when hitting the print-button. In order to print the actual mail you are reading in the Tab, you have to use the “more options” button (icon with three dots) and from there use another print-button. The behavior is the same with both Firefox and DeskApp. Using the shortcut Ctrl-P prints out the current mail you are reading, which is correct. Surely this is a bug.

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