Special Characters are shown as question marks

  • Hey,

    ive upgraded from zarafa to kopano.

    When im Login to my Webapp i see some Special characters as question marks like here:

    Special Characters

    Is there anyway to fix it, i know in zarafa there was a way?

    Best Regards


  • Ive solved it by myself.

    I changed these two entries under /etc/default/kopano.




  • I have the same problem, but could not fix it with with the solution above.
    Does someone have an idea?

  • Hello @wndkk


    locale -a

    search your language, i bet you want to use de_DE.utf8 (as written by locale -a)
    change it in the default folder and unter /etc/sysconfig/kopano

    if this wont solve your problem use the localize script from phyton:

    python localize-folders.py --lang de_DE.utf8    # same as in the folders, written as "locale -a" tells you

    optional you can check it on one user:

    python localize-folders.py --user <username> --lang de_DE.utf8  

    hope this helps


  • Neither option worked. I have de_DE and de_CH installed.

  • After running the script several times, it fixed one user. I had to run it for the other ones seperately until it worked on everyone. Seems kind of random though, don’t know why it won’t work every time.
    Thanks though.

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