Attach Kopano files webdav to Google drive


Whilst its easy as pie to attach to SMB shares, I cannot figure out the Webdav settings to attach to a Google Drive share.

I have set the url to, enabled https, and set the home to /drive/my-drive but the connection fails.

Does anyone either know how to do this, or where I can find the logs to debug it?

Yep you’re right Felix.

It would be good to add the functionality via the Google Drive SDK, but this will I guess take time.
I wonder whether Kopano webapp can use Grive somehow.


Hi @Ray-Ellison ,

I’ve checked with our WebApp developers and we already have a proof of concept of such a backend (not public). If you’re willing to work in the code I can ask them to make the git repository public.

Thanks Felix,

Id like to assist and play with the code but im not really a programmer.
The last time i did any serious programming was way back writing code in clipper for dbase applications.

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