"To-do list" is shown twice


I am using latest repository version of Kopano WebApp.
Just noticed, that the “To-do list” sshows up twice.

Once as “To-do list” and another one as “Aufgaben” (German)
Both show the same entries - None of the lists can be deleted.
They do not show up in Outlook or on an Apple device.

Task folder and To-Do List are similar, but not the same. The latter can include mail items and in the future other items as well.
The To-Do list is a technically a search folder.

Hi marty,

thanks for explanation.

After your repy, I saw that I can use “right-click-> Follow up” to add a mail to the To-Do List.
So it’s a nice new Feature which just isn’t already translated.

Thanks for clarification.

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