CardDAV and CalDAV not syncing against ownCloud

  • Hi,

    I connected the backends IMAP against an IMAP server and cardDAV and calDAV against an owncloud instance.

    When I now connect with a device to z-push I can see all calendars on the device but all of them are empty. The addressbook is empty as well.

    When I create a new appointment on the device (in this case outlook 2016) the new appointment is written to the calendar in owncloud. But appointments that are created with other clients (like the web frontend) are not showing up in the calendar on the device connected with z-push.

    The same is with contacts. When I create them in outlook in syncs them to ownCloud but all contacts created with the web frontend are not showing up in outlook.

    What I find in the log is following entry
    Fatal error: /usr/share/z-push/include/mimeDecode.php:477 - Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24218000 bytes)

    Any ideas why the server side existing appointments and contacts are not showing up on the device?


  • Kopano

    Running into an out-of-memory error is definitely a good indication why there is nothing shown in Outlook.
    We’ve just implemented a ticket that works better for Outlook and prevents these errors, unfortunately it’s not yet merged (into Z-Push 2.4).

    There are two immediate solution:

    • increase the php memory limit in your php.ini to 256 or 512 MB (restart apache afterwards)
    • reduce the amount of SYNC_MAX_ITEMS in your z-push config file. 100 should be a good starting point.


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