Migration Data from Zarafa 7.1.14 to Kopano 8.3.0

  • Moin,
    I use actual Zarafa 7.1.14 (Community Version). All my data is in this system. A second installation with a fresh Kopano 8.3.0 is ready.
    Last days I read a lot. The transfer with mysqldump and mysql was not successful. Perhaps I used the wrong options.
    Tell me which way is the best to migrate my data from zarafa to kopano.
    Thanks from Hamburg

  • Kopano

    Hello @thomas-m ,

    similar questions have been asked before. Once approach you can find in https://forum.kopano.io/topic/735/migration-from-zarafa-to-kopano

    After you have upgraded your system you should update Kopano to the latest version (for the community we are at this moment at core-, subscription holders currently get 8.3.4, but the 8.4.0 release is going online relatively soon as well). Please be aware that in Kopano 8.4.90 and 8.5 it will no longer be possible to directly upgrade from Zarafa 7.1 (and old), the 8.4.0 release will be the last one being able to do so.

  • Thanks for your feedback. In the meantime I restored the database “zarafa” from my zarafa-installation into the database “kopano” in my kopano-installation with mysql. It seems successfully.
    Is it enough or have I restore anythng other databases or files from zarafa into kopano?

  • Hi Thomas,

    look this,

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