Categories in mails are not shown

categories assigned on mails aren’t currently displayed in the webapp.

It would be great to display them on the emails-list and also in the email-preview frame.

Currently, they can only be accessed on the context-menu of the mail under “categories”


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your feedback! We are currently working on implementing this in a proper way. You can track the progress (and see what it will look like) using ticket

Hi all,

any news about this and will the categories also include contacts, calendar and also visible/usable over z-push?
Think it will make work much easier, if you have, if we can use for certain events categorie tags instead of a extra calandar or for contacts a extra contact folder.
Saw the ticket is opened a year ago.

Thank you Theo

@theodorm said in Categories in mails are not shown:

visible/usable over z-push

the mapi categories that are set via WebApp are already synced through Z-Push