No preview in webapp community

Installed it from the community site.

If I click on a pdf or jpg or anything, it gets downloaded but no preview.

I have tried on 2 browsers and 2 PCs.

It was fine until I updated the version.

Checked this version, but it worked without problems.
Could you double check if the filepreviewer plugin is enabled?

I have the same issue and file preview is enabled




the files preview plugin is not displayed in the ones available at all…

I checked under settings.

It used to be working perfectly with any of the previous versions I installed.


I have installed this version (i.e. the latest in the community site)


And the problem has gone away.

I can now see the plugin automatically enabled and it does work as normal.

I can only assume that there was a problem with the packaging for that particular build or a problem in the code somewhere that has now been resolved.

The plugin and package was not recently updated, so I doubt that was the issue.
But glad to hear it’s working for you :)

Btw, could you share the filepreviewer plugin version next time?

Hi, I will certainly do next time. Thanks.