WebApp file preview is showing blank page

  • Hello,

    I am using
    Kopano Core: 8.4.90
    Z-Push: 2.3.8+0-0

    when I click on an attached PDF file or JPEG or … WebApp is opening the preview window but it is blank.
    In the log files I do not see any error message.

    Do you have an idea where to look?



  • Hi Ihon,

    did you migrate kopano?


  • Yes, a long time ago I migrated from ZCP7.2 to Kopano.

  • Hi Ihon,

    Did you check the attachments? It worked after migration?

  • Hi Sinux,

    yes, after migration it worked.
    Now it is not working anymore and I assume it has nothing to do with the update from ZCP.



  • Is the error still current? Have you checked all log (also mysql). Is there enough space on the server (df -h)?
    Browser Cache???

  • @Sinux
    Error still existing, checked all logs, nothing in, more than enough space free, cache cleared multiple times and it is happening for all user on the server

  • Maybe some Kopano update overwrites values in the server.cfg? Path to the attachments?
    Did you try the last updates?

  • @sinux Yes, I am on the latest one.
    Will have a deeper look into this on the weekend

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