• Hi,

    is there a way to create mailing lists from a text, csv … file?
    One of my users used to send bulk mails through outlook copy pasting hundred’s adresses from an excell file into the BCC address field, which worked fine in outlook but no longer works in webapp.

    its about 2000 adresses in total so I need some bulk processing solution for this


  • Kopano

    Hi @tbone ,

    out of curiosity: why doesn’t this work for WebApp any longer? pasting too many elements? Incorrect delimiter?

    I think your best choice at creating such an import tool would be Python-Kopano. If you can go the way through a custom contact folder then https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KSC/repos/core-tools/browse/contacts2csv may be helpful as well.

  • @tbone I wrote about this issue a few days ago, and there is a ticket for this:

    My post was this
    topic 696

    The solution is to make sure that all emails have a trailing ; (semicolon) after, that way webapp will manage to resolve them. Adding a semicolon to the end of each mailadress inn a spreadsheet is easy, same for txt-file. But, it would be better if it wasn’t necessary.

  • @fbartels

    well our secretaries copy paste from an excell column. Excell doesnt put a semicolon after each line when pasting. So I guess that was the problem. Its good to know that it should work using semicolon to terminate each line.

    I have created a php interface for their spamming requirements now, that way I can also throttle the outgoing mails. They were used to do this 500 adresses at a time in outlook which was pretty cumbersome and now this homebrew php mailer thing simplifief everything. Very interested in your solution to fill contact lists using script.

    thanks again for input


  • Kopano

    @tbone ah I see. The way I initially read is was like “it used to work in WebApp, but doesn’t any longer”