Contacts always end up in To-field.

Sorry for the somewhat wrong subject., let me explain.

When I compose an email, and click on the CC-button in the email, and the addressbook opens, when I double-click on a contact, then that contact lands correctly in the CC-field, and if I click on the BCC-button in the mail, then contacts that I double-click on, they end up in the BCC-field, also just fine.

The problem is when you want to select multiple contacts, lets say 20, then you have to double-click 20 times, a small nightmare for some, but, you can mark those 20 with either Ctrl-click or Shift-click, and then right-click and choose “send email”, then those 20 contacts are placed right in to the To-field. No matter what I do, it’s not possible to get them into the BCC or CC field, other than manually moving them one by one from the To-filed to BCC- or CC-fiekd.

Hi Klausade,

Why don’t you do this?

  • Open the address book in mail dialog, by clicking TO / CC / BCC button.
  • Shift click, ctrl click bunch of contacts
  • Click on the CC or BCC button.

@marty wow. That works just beautifully! Thanks. I wish it would work the other way around also, but, I’m happy.

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