Kopano Outlook Offline sync

Hi, can I switch between online and offline sync in outlook. At the moment it works only in online mode. When I switch I cannot see any e-mails.
Says: storage not available.


Hello @olabre ,

about what kind of client are you talking? There is no Kopano online client for Outlook.

I use the Zarafa Outlook client

Hi @olabre ,

the Zarafa client was not designed to switch between the online and cached mode. If you want to change this setting its recommended to create a new profile.

Ok, I will try. Thx

when I delete and recreate the account in offline mode it comes up with MAPI Error, when I switch back to online it works.
“Interface not supported”

Hi @olabre ,

please be aware that this client is neither developed not supported anymore.

That being said you should rather create a new profile than just a new account. Adding the mapi client to an existing profile does not give the correct local store to the sync engine.

Edit: if that still does not work you could have a look into the mysql log of the cached/offline mode. I don’t fully remember where it was stored, but it was somewhere below appdata in a folder including the name zarafa.

@fbartels said in Kopano Outlook Offline sync:

Hi @olabre ,
please be aware that this client is neither developed not supported anymore.

Are you making sure that the old client will still work with Kopano or is it just pure luck that it works so far and support for the classic Outlook client can be discontinued any day now in Kopano?

Hi @gerald ,

the client is already discontinued. That’s exactly the message you quoted.

It currently still works and breaking the api it uses would also mean breaking the connection to a lot of other components in the Kopano stack. So it will probably stay around for a while, but no guarantees on that.