(Solved) Kopano Signatur Template

I using UCS 4.1 (LDAP) and WebApp with Kopano Core 8.1.2-1. I want to use the Signature Template Feature which is describe in https://documentation.kopano.io/user_manual_webapp/settings.html5

I put in the attributes for first and last name, but no attribute will be replaced with the current value.

What I have missing and how can i find out, what is the problem

Hi @mykey0815 ,

the one thing I did not mention in the Univention forum: the versions you use are already quite old. does the same happen with the latest release (see https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/K4U/Updating+Kopano+packages+directly+from+the+Kopano+download+server for instructions how to update on Univention).

That aside some more information would be nice what you already tried:

  • what exact value did you enter?
  • where did you enter it?
  • how did you check if the value is replaced?

My mistake was, that i copy&paste from the manual the needed attributes. When I write them via typing then it works fine.

Thanks for the tipp with the upgrating the Kopano4UCS - that works now fine too