The future of KOE?

  • Hi community!

    I’d like to hear about the future of KOE. Will it be kept supported (if technically possible), or will it die?

    I currently run ZCP-7.2.3 using Zarafa Client (latest) together with Office 365. All works well, Outlook can communicate with ZCP - I’m happy. But I fear the future.

    So I think I have to migrate to Kopano, as I can’t expect that future updates of Office 365 will work with MAPI in any way.

    Kopano posted a few messages in the past, saying Outlook support will be completely dropped, but today, there are solution with KOE (and maybe the Zarafa Client, too; dunno).

    I clearly state that for my office workers, I don’t want to use WebApp. There will be no discussion on this. A “fat client” is unacceptable, too, and I will stay with Outlook until hell freezes over.

    So, will future Outlook support (*) be given by Kopano, or should I drop zarafa and go with MS Exchange?


    (*) of couse, nobody can tell what MS does to Outlook in the future, so we can’t know if Kopano is technically able to guarantee support.

  • Kopano

    Hi @itserv ,

    that is more of a topic for a sales guy, than a “community” I’m afraid.

    Generally speaking KOE will stay with us as long as Microsoft does not remove ActiveSync or .net Support from Outlook. At some point in the future we will stop adding features to KOE, but from my perspective (but I am biased) it already does a good job the way it is now.

    It of course always depends on your use case, but for moderately large mailboxes it works good. But if you really want to use a syncing client for stationary office workers is a bit of a different topic.

  • Hi Felix,

    thank you for your valuable input. In this case, I will evaluate a migration from Zarafa to Kopano.

    I’m completely fine with syncing my desktops using AS - indeed, this speeds up Outlooks Performance anyway and reduces the load on my mail server. Advantage Kopano.

    Now as (from today’s perspective) there are not plans to drop Outlook-over-ActiveSync Support, I feel on the safe side.

    Yours sincerly,


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