Kopano OL Extension 1.5 final available

@fbartels said in Kopano OL Extension 1.5 final available:

errors in the Apache or Z-Push logging? Did it work with the previous final/beta releases?

With 1.5.231 beta it works fine.

Z-push error log

06/10/2017 15:15:35 [30649] [WARN] [leroyk2] /usr/share/z-push/lib/webservice/webservicedevice.php:177 Undefined index: parentid (8)

I have no php error or apache error in the log found.

The warning is fixed with ticket https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1270, but will be only in Z-Push 2.4.0.

Do you have statically configured folders in z-push.conf.php ?

Yes I have some additional folders, I could try to remove them?

When I remove them I see the public folders but I cannot check them, the apply button is greyed.

So you have removed the static folders? Have you closed & reopened the shared folder dialog?
Are there any additional/other log messages in KOE / Z-Push?

I restarted Outlook after the change.

In the z-push log I see only things like this. But I think this isn’t an error?

06/10/2017 15:59:11 [ 3749] [DEBUG] [system] [webservice] ASDevice->GetFolderIdForBackendId(): no valid condition 
found for determining folderid for backendid 'cfb886cdbfca403bbe3217e12033611a020000000000'. Returning as is!

In the KOE log is the exception gone.

Hello @leroyk2 ,

thanks again for your report. We were able to trace the issue back to the new configurable default naming for shared folders. The issue is fixed in 1.5-240.

Many thanks to the Kopano team for the great and fast response! I can confirm the problem is resolved in 1.5-240.

Why are there different KOE versions in the different portals? In the customer/partner portal I see 1.5.-240, and not later beta.
In the https://download.kopano.io/community/olextension:/ site I see KOE 1.6-242 but cannot fine even a release note for this version !???

@isol because everything available from /community are nightly builds from our development branches. These come without any official support or guarantees. As a partner/customer you should always use what is released as a proper version from the portal.