Kopano OL Extension 1.5 final available

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    Kopano’s collaboration and sharing clients span a wide array of platforms. New collaboration features such as Web Meetings and Files are built into WebApp and DeskApp. Smartphones, tablets and Microsoft Outlook are supported through the use of ActiveSync with Z-Push. The Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE) adds additional sharing features to the limited feature set of Outlook when used with ActiveSync. This new version introduces some UX improvements, improves stability and adds an option to the installer to re-enable the ability to create ActiveSync accounts in recent Office 365 versions.

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  • With this new release I got an exception when I opening shared folders and try to expand the public folders

    2017/10/06 14:36:48.524 (1,VSTA_Main): Trace: SearchWrapper`1: Filter: @SQL="urn:schemas:contacts:customerid" = 'SYSTEM'
    2017/10/06 14:36:48.524 (1,VSTA_Main): Error: UserFolderLoader: Exception while fetching child nodes: System.NullReferenceException: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.
       bij Acacia.ZPush.ContactStringReplacer.Dispose()
       bij Acacia.Features.SharedFolders.StoreTreeNode.DefaultNameForFolder(AvailableFolder folder)
       bij Acacia.Features.SharedFolders.StoreTreeNode.GetInitialShareState(AvailableFolder folder)
       bij Acacia.Features.SharedFolders.StoreTreeNode.UserFolderLoader.AddFolderNode(KTreeNode node, KTreeNodes children, AvailableFolder folder)
       bij Acacia.Features.SharedFolders.StoreTreeNode.UserFolderLoader.DoRenderChildren(KTreeNode node, Object loaded, KTreeNodes children)
       bij Acacia.Controls.KTreeNodeLoader.<>c__DisplayClass15_0.<StartLoadChildren>b__1(Object result)
       bij Acacia.Controls.KUITaskBase.TaskExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass9_0`2.<Param>b__0(ExecutionState s)
       bij Acacia.Controls.KUITaskBase.TaskExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass5_0.<Execute>b__0()
    2017/10/06 14:36:50.091 (1,VSTA_Main): Trace: SharedFolders: Command SharedFolders: Handled

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    Hello @leroyk2 ,

    thanks for the report. I tried to reproduce this locally but was not able to do so (as in for the final 1.5 I can open public stores just fine).

    Do you get any errors in the Apache or Z-Push logging? Did it work with the previous final/beta releases?

  • @fbartels said in Kopano OL Extension 1.5 final available:

    errors in the Apache or Z-Push logging? Did it work with the previous final/beta releases?

    With 1.5.231 beta it works fine.

    Z-push error log

    06/10/2017 15:15:35 [30649] [WARN] [leroyk2] /usr/share/z-push/lib/webservice/webservicedevice.php:177 Undefined index: parentid (8)

    I have no php error or apache error in the log found.

  • Kopano

    The warning is fixed with ticket https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1270, but will be only in Z-Push 2.4.0.

    Do you have statically configured folders in z-push.conf.php ?

  • Yes I have some additional folders, I could try to remove them?

  • When I remove them I see the public folders but I cannot check them, the apply button is greyed.

  • Kopano

    So you have removed the static folders? Have you closed & reopened the shared folder dialog?
    Are there any additional/other log messages in KOE / Z-Push?

  • I restarted Outlook after the change.

    In the z-push log I see only things like this. But I think this isn’t an error?

    06/10/2017 15:59:11 [ 3749] [DEBUG] [system] [webservice] ASDevice->GetFolderIdForBackendId(): no valid condition 
    found for determining folderid for backendid 'cfb886cdbfca403bbe3217e12033611a020000000000'. Returning as is!

    In the KOE log is the exception gone.

  • Kopano

    Hello @leroyk2 ,

    thanks again for your report. We were able to trace the issue back to the new configurable default naming for shared folders. The issue is fixed in 1.5-240.

  • Many thanks to the Kopano team for the great and fast response! I can confirm the problem is resolved in 1.5-240.

  • Why are there different KOE versions in the different portals? In the customer/partner portal I see 1.5.-240, and not later beta.
    In the https://download.kopano.io/community/olextension:/ site I see KOE 1.6-242 but cannot fine even a release note for this version !???

  • Kopano

    @isol because everything available from /community are nightly builds from our development branches. These come without any official support or guarantees. As a partner/customer you should always use what is released as a proper version from the portal.

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