Account creation with current Outlook

  • Hmm, with the current Outlook it seems to be impossible to create an ActiveSync account, the dialogue is just not there.
    I saw that in KOE 1.5 you have an option to re-enable this, I suppose this is a registry setting? Can Kopano share its knwoledge so that we can create accounts without rolling out beta software to the clients?

    Side remark: I hope this is not a sign that Microsoft will remove Active Sync support from Outlook…

  • Kopano

    Hi @isol ,

    the required information can be read in the following ticket

    So far we have received quite good feedback for the current 1.5 build and I am planning to rebrand to current beta into a final version quite soon (have it on my list for tomorrow actually). So I would still recommend to install the current beta instead of updating the registry manually.

  • @isol
    You can also configure the Mail Account through control Panel After installing Outlook
    There the manual way is available


  • @externa1 : I know, but exactly this way does NOT work any more if you have installed the newest Outlook version. That is the point of my post. If you do not disable the new interface you have no way of creating an ActiveSync account with current Outlook 2016.

  • Hello,
    I had the same problem last week. The manual way wasn’t available. I’ve also checked the “old” control panel. But everything I’ve tried, the “simple” wizard showed up. After some research I found the following solution:

    • Open regedit.
    • Go to
    • Create a new DWORD (32-Bit) with the Name DisableOffice365SimplifiedAccountCreation
    • Edit the Dword and set the value to 1.

    Note: Microsoft has a support article about this problem. But the registry path in this article doesn’t exists on Office 365/2016.

    Regards, Rob.

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