Webapp automatic logout


Is there any way to have an automatic logout after a certain amount of time like webaccess did?

I have looked at the settings and I cannot see it, although it is of course possible that I missed it.

This is particularly useful if, like me, you need to log into webapp on someone else’s PC and then I forget to log out.


Apologies, my bad.

// The timeout (in seconds) for the session. User will be logged out of WebApp
// when he has not actively used the WebApp for this time.
// Set to 0 (or remove) for no timeout during browser session.
define(‘CLIENT_TIMEOUT’, 0);

Webaccess had the option in the settings for the user though… So some users may want the option some not, this is a global settings for everyone.

That said, it is only me so it’s ok or my particular use.

Apologies for not spotting this earlier.


Tested and indeed works perfectly.

I do think though that having the setting configurable per user would be better, as some users may want auto logout and some others not. I.e. the webaccess solution was working fine.

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