Installing password plugin - RESOLVED


we use this password plugin:
Works with Kopano 8.3.4.


Thanks, I will look into that.

It seems to work properly. You have to make sure the directory name is set to ‘passwd’, though, as the archive unzipped into ‘zarafa-webapp-passwd’.

I noticed it does not use ‘zarafa-passwd/kopano-passwd’, but uses mapi instead to change the password. Which explains why it works on both Zarafa and Kopano unchanged, unlike the original by Saket Patel.

Hmm, it seems my browser was still running from cache, because after clearing it, the entire plugin is missing from settings. Much like with the other versions.

It seems Kopano 8.4 is somehow different from 8.3 in a way that breaks this plugin.

I couldn’t get this to work either out-of-the box on a Kopano 8.3.4. As Erik, I noticed the v 1.3 didn’t even register as plugin. The v 1.2 does indeed but has the bug where it claims that the current password does not match. I then updated v 1.2 with the class.passwdmodule.php from the code and now have a working version (at least for DB plugin users, not tested against LDAP).

I have repackaged this as 1.4 in case someone is interested. . That one works for me on 8.3.4 for DB plugin users.

When upgrading Core to 8.4 changing of the pwd still works but an error message is thrown just before the user get’s signed off after changed the password:

Response data requested from bus but it doesn't have any data

Haven’t seen that one since ages (several reports in old Zarafa versions due to write issue in session folder, is not the case here). Anybody an idea?

@mcostan Do you have a working version somewhere ? I tried starting of from the v 0.99 from Andreas Brodowski but there is a lot to change to make it work as far as I can see… I got the newer on OK for 8.3 but not for 8.4 anymore, see below…

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@apio-sys I have the same problem with version 8.4, the password is changed but an error message appears
0_1519119771491_59df56a5-ae33-49ea-9699-ed607319722b-immagine.png does anyone know how to solve the problem?
Thank you

Sorry guy I missed this forum discussion.
Fixed today.