Howto pass username with intranet plugin


I want to use a inhouse webfrontend with intranet plugin and passthru the username to our webfrontend. Is there a way to do it?

I am looking for something similar as well (wanting to pass the sender email-address of a currently selected email). Any ideas?

I guess you could always write a value to the a file that you will later retrieve in your intranet page (assuming that both run on the same server) but that seems like an ugly kludge.

regards, Bro

I’d have a look at the files plugin. This has the built-in ability to use the credentials of the logged in user to login to a third party.

Thanks for the pointer,
I’ve gotten it to work (it’s still a bit of an ugly kludge):

in /usr/share/kopano-webapp/plugins/intranet/js/intranet.js you can add stuff to the url in the openTab function (the function that’s called when the intranet button is clicked).
I add a value there which I’ve set on the window object somewhere else:

//create new tab
…snip …

url: btn.url + ‘?get_value=’ + window.mysetvalue ;

…snip …

this will set the value on every opened tab, but you can test for your preffered url ofcourse.
Not pretty, but good enough for our purposes.

cheers, Bro