Limitations of using Outlook 2016 via ActiveSync

  • Hi everybody,
    we still are using Zarafa 7.2.6, Z-Push 2.2.10 on UCS 4.1-4.
    I want to know what are the limitations of using Outlook 2016 with Zarafa/Kopano Server via ActiveSync.

    Obviously, because they are shown as local ones in OL, the folders drafts and journal aren’t synchronized with Zarafa’s mailbox.

    Public folders from the Zarafa server aren’t shown, too. When I activate KOE 1.4-209 in OL and use the function ‘Share Folders’ OL crashes. Could it be that KOE works with Kopano Server only instead of the older Zarafa?

    It’s not allowed to create a folder in the mailbox with OL. When I create a subfolder below the folder inbox, it’s shown in OL but not in Zarafa’s Webapp. When I create a subfolder below ‘sent items’ OL shows an error message that it’s not allowed to do so. Vice versa, folders which are created with Zarafa’s Webapp are shown in OL. Did I notice this correctly?

    When there are more limitations with OL and Zarafa, please let me know.


  • Hi Peter

    You need Z-push 2.3.x for KOE. That’s probably why it crashes. The latest Z-push version is 2.3.8.

    The document here gives some information on the capabilities of KOE+Z-push in Outlook (although at the time of writing this post, the document is dated March 2017 and is, therefore, a little out of date).

    I hope this helps!


  • Kopano

    @patrick said in Limitations of using Outlook 2016 via ActiveSync:

    a little out of date

    actually the linked document still is valid, but some WebApp things have changed since this version was published. But we already have an updated layout in the pipeline and will put it online after the Kopano Conference.

  • Thanks, Felix - good to know :-)

  • Thanks a lot for the prompt answers.

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