Invalid Message-ID header when using BackendIMAP

  • No idea if this applies to other backends as I don’t have a suitable server for testing. I’m using the latest version of Z-Push from the official repositories on Debian Stretch. If I send an email using an ActiveSync, SpamAssassin on the receiving end adds the following warnings:


    This is the message ID, which is indeed missing the domain:

    Message-id: <B2A2597F-2F52-43A1-9807-F5B874B257F8>

    I can confirm that the problem is specific to Z-Push, as when I send an email from the same account on the server, but using Roundcube instead, then the Message-ID header is correctly generated, including the domain.

  • Kopano

    This message ID is created by your phone. Z-Push just sends it out. I guess we would need some code to detect an incomplete message id and then append a domain name (to be configured?).

    I think this is an IMAP only issue. This is most certainly working with the Kopano backend, but then there the sending process is completely different.

  • Curious. The device in question is an iPhone SE running iOS 11, which I would expect to follow the specs for sending mail. It’s also got another Z-Push account set up on it, linked to a Zarafa 7.2.6 install, which as you say does correctly set the Message-ID.

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