Kopano OL Extension 1.5 available as beta

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    Kopano’s collaboration and sharing clients span a wide array of platforms. New collaboration features such as Web Meetings and Files are built into WebApp and DeskApp. Smartphones, tablets and Microsoft Outlook are supported through the use of ActiveSync with Z-Push. The Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE) adds additional sharing features to the limited feature set of Outlook when used with ActiveSync. This new version introduces some UX improvements, improves stability and adds an option to the installer to re-enable the ability to create ActiveSync accounts in recent Office 365 versions.

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  • I recognized an issue with 1.5.231 and the GAB sync :

    • after an KOE update from 1.4.209 (GAB taken from the old version)
    • new profile, new synchronized data

    several addresses could not be found in the GAB. If I forced then the GAB sync in the Kopano AddIn from the client side, all addresses have been added in Outlook.

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    Hi @eli ,

    I tried to reproduce this locally, but was not successful.

    Stopped Outlook and deleted GAB pst (to simulate a new profile)

    Contacts in the GAB after pst was recreated 93, 130 & 8

    Hit the gab resync in the settings.

    Contacts in the GAB after the process finished 93, 130 & 8

    Do you have a koe logfile for the initial sync?