Out-of-office message everytime someone sends a mail


is there a way to configure the oof to answer every single mail and not once per day?
Or mor specific: answer every single mail from a specific sender or domain and once per day to all others?


There is a setting, I thing, in server.cfg

But last time I checked, it was still replying every single time, even though the setting was set to answer once per day.

I haven’t repeated the test recently, though. It may be fixed.

thanks @mcostan,

but i cant find any settings related to oof in server.cfg


thanks agian @mcostan,

found it
should do it :)


the other question was to determine a domain from which he should autorespond everytime if the oof is active.

The options in autorespond just tells me to respond everytime, even if oof isnt active.