Rule acting on List-Id:

  • Hi

    Migrating from a dovecot/Roundcube mail system I have been using Sieve filters a lot. Now I would like to recreate my filter rules in Kopano
    I may be a bit old fashioned but I use a lot af maillist. My experience is that the most reliable way to sort these to folders, is to use some of the hidden headers inserted by the list software like Mailman. In most cases I would use something like

    If Mailheader includes .. "List-Id: General KDE discussion"

    But using the rule editor I find no way to create filters based on mail header fields other that To:, From: and Subject:. Did I oversee something or is there another way to create filters detecting on header fields?


  • Hi,

    If you go under “Settings” in Webapp, there are a lot of ways to setup a filter.

    Certainly I have rules that filter according to the sender, content of the subject etc.

  • Apologies, I actually mis interpreted your question.

    I thought you meant you wanted to filter by From, Subject, and To.

    Instead you meant everything else.

    Not sure that’s possible, the only items I am aware of is what you see in the Webapp rules settings.

  • Correct “everything else” or specifically List-Id: as that would cover all the lists I am member off :-)

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