z-push error

I have entries in my z-push-error.log:
KopanoBackend->GetKoeGabBackendFolderId() Found 0 entries in the store ‘SYSTEM’ matching the name ‘Z-Push-KOE-GAB’.
How can i insert z-push-koe in the System store?
Also i have “The GAL entry ‘Everyone’ does not have an email address and will be ignored.” in even log.



Hi @zwockel ,

are you searching for https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Configuring+GAB-Sync+for+Kopano+OL+Extension ?

PS: I moved your thread over into the Z-Push subforum.

@fbartels Hallo Felix,
i have install the package. Wenn i run ./gab-sync.php -a sync follow Error displayed:
Unable to setup service for provider in /usr/share/z-push/tools/gab-sync/lib/kopano.php on line 60
Kopano: login failed with error code: 0xFFFFFFFF8004011C
The following is in line 60:
$this->session = mapi_logon_zarafa(USERNAME, PASSWORD, SERVER, CERTIFICATE, CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD, 0, self::VERSION, self::NAME. " ". self::VERSION);
Ive been using Kopano. Do i need change mapi_logon_zarafa in mapi_logon_kopano?


@zwockel After i edited the /usr/share/z-push/tools/gab-sync# config.php it works

ideally you would edit the config file in /etc/z-push


did you mean /etc/z-push z-push.conf.php ?

There are several configuration files in this directory. So it depends where you need to adjust.

For the kopano configuration settings use /etc/z-push/kopano.conf.php, general settings z-push.conf.php.

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