Z-Push Move Mail to another Mailbox supported

Hello Community,
does anyone know if moving mails (drag and drop) from one mailbox to another is supported with z-push via Outlook?
The environment is installed as multi tenancy setup.
z-push version is 2.3.7

thank you

Hi @gmcpaul ,

this is unfortunately a limitation of Outlook.

Hello Fbartels,
thank you for the answer.
So is there some way to move mails from one mailbox to another via Outlook?
I mean as far as i know the support for Zarafa Mapi is about to end, so another possibility will be necessary sometime…?

Hi @gmcpaul ,

you could use WebApp, DeskApp or an imap connection. But since Microsoft disabled this already on the client side, there is no way for us to reenable it for Outlook over ActiveSync.

thank you
Case can be closed

If you open a shared folder of another store via KOE and the Shared folder feature, you can move email from your account to this other folder.
When opening two shared folders you can also move between them.

This is still only a viable option for folders you would open anyway, because Outlook will fully synchronize them.
So, this will work but might take ages to sync GBs of data just to move a few emails.