Mail goes in Junk folder for user1 and in inbox for user2 ???

  • Hello, we have an issue with “missing” mails that then were found in the junk folder. To be precise, these mails had been marked as “Spam” by the preceding mailserver with amavisd. But what is very strange: Mail goes to two users on the kopano-server. The user in the “To”-Field finds the mail in his Junk folder, respectively he does not find it because he never looks at it. The user in the “CC” Field finds the mail in his Inbox as usual. Dagent says

    Fri Aug 25 12:42:09 2017: [info   ] [10731] Spam marker found in e-mail, delivering to junk-mail folder
    Fri Aug 25 12:42:09 2017: [info   ] [10731] Mail will be delivered in junkmail folder

    for user 1 and

    Fri Aug 25 12:42:13 2017: [info   ] [10743] Mail will be delivered in Inbox

    for user 2. Both users have no rules defined in Kopano. So why does kopano treat this mail differently for the two users? It is just one mail on arrival so the Spam-Tag must be the same…

  • Kopano

    Hi @isol ,

    I just gave this a try with a gtube testfile and for me also the cc receiver got the mail directly delivered to the junk folder.

    8.3.3 with some current development changes.

  • Ok so we cannot reproduce it. Hmmm…

  • Now a side question: where is it defined how mails that are marked as “Spam” should be handled? We would rather have the users define own rules and deliver everything to the inbox by default.

  • Kopano

    Hi @isol ,

    in dagent.cfg

    # The following e-mail header will mark the mail as spam, so the mail
    # is placed in the Junk Mail folder, and not the Inbox.
    # The name is case insensitive.
    # set to empty to not use this detection scheme.
    spam_header_name = X-Spam-Status
    # If the above header is found, and contains the following value
    # the mail will be considered as spam.
    # Notes:
    #  - The value is case insensitive.
    #  - Leading and trailing spaces are stripped.
    #  - The word 'bayes' also contains the word 'yes'.
    spam_header_value = Yes,

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