Error using 2.3.8 beta 1 after complete account removal, clean, and re-add.

I removed the account from my iPhone 4 and removed it from z-push using z-push-admin.php

After adding the account back, all the folders synced as expected but as soon as the device started to try to PING it went into a loop of fatal errors.

23/08/2017 17:16:02 [11242] [FATAL] [myUser] [myDevice] Fatal error: /usr/share/z-push/lib/request/ping.php:229 - Call to a member function GetContentClass() on boolean (1)

Thanks for the report @liverpoolfcfan !
I’ve created a ticket and will fix it now:

Seems like it might be related to starting to ping on some folders while others are still syncing.

I reverted the change and allowed the device to sync completely and to begin syncing. Then I reinstated the change.

The problem does not occur after the device has reached a steady state.

Yeah, there are “fake changes” that are generated when a folder is not fully synchronized yet.

@liverpoolfcfan Could you check if the issue persists with 2.3.8beta2?