tasks created through webapp cannot be accepted/declined in outlook

  • scenario:

    • create new task using the WebApp and assign it to a different user
    • the designated user receives the task notification in outlook and can now choose to accept or deny it
    • if the user now accepts it, after confirming to send out an acceptance reply immediately, an error message appears that the change cannot be stored because it has been modified (which is has not been):


    • when switching to the Outlook task list, the task appears as accepted for the designated user
    • when looking in the WebApp, the task remains unchanged however (“waiting for an answer”)


    • Clients: Windows 10/64bit + OL 2013/32bit, all Patches installed, KOE 1.4-209
    • Server: latest stable 8.3.3, latest z-push, all running on a Debian 8 machine


  • Kopano

    Hi Udo,

    I was not able to reproduce it. There was no error message in Outlook and the task creator also received an email that the task was accepted.

    The task status stayed “Waiting for response from the recipient” though, so probably there’s something’s missing.

    Is it reproducible every time on your system? Could you also post KOE log?


  • yes, it 100% reproducible. KOE trace log attached.

    hmm, can’t upload, the forum software tells me I lack permissions for upload.

    log file can be found here:


  • This post is deleted!

  • Kopano

    Hi Udo,

    I don’t see anything wrong in the logs, but I’ll ask the KOE developer to take a look into it. I suppose he’ll ask you for more logs (system events and outlook).


  • @manfred thanks, we’ve activated the customers’s voucher for Kopano Pro and if it makes things easier, we can now continue based on the support subscription.

  • Kopano

    Hi Udo,

    Thanks. It makes easier to link JIRA issues with the support cases and the responses should be faster than in a forum.


  • raised ticket KS-38576 for this issue

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