Z-Push 2.3.4

  • Hi all,

    I 've got a Problem after reinstalling my UCS4.1/Kopano/z-push Installation on a fresh System.
    After reinstalling and restoring the Kopano-db I have to notice that there ore some entries in my eMails that met the following Errors:

    • The Subject is “Kein Betreff” or
    • The Sender is “Kein Absender”

    when I read email on my iPhone.
    Reading the same eMail by the WebApp or Outlook everything look good.

    Does anybody has an Idea?


  • Kopano

    Hi Thomas,

    did you also migrate your users or were they recreated (unhooked/rehooked the stores)?

    Can you have a look into your z-push-error.log file? There are probably warnings related to the email addresses (and perhaps also the subject) telling what’s going on.

    Besides that you could create a WBXML log for your user and send the part when such a “broken” email is synchronized to your phone.


  • Hey Sebastian,

    thanks in advance for your Support.

    I have rehooked the DB - Accounts to a freshly installed UCS.

    Error Messages from z-push.log
    [31942] [WARN] [tschoppe] SyncObject->Check(): object from type SyncMail: parameter ‘from’ contains an invalid email address ‘“Thomas Schoppe” <>’. Address is removed.

    [31937] [WARN] [tschoppe] /usr/share/z-push/backend/kopano/mapiprovider.php:266 Undefined offset: 4260098 (8)

    The WBXML Log will be created this evening, when I am back again.

    Regards Thomas

  • Kopano

    Hi Thomas,

    when you unhook and rehook a store the internal ids of the users change. What happened in the case above, that the internal references to that user and it’s emails address get lost during this process.
    When synching z-push tries to solve that reference to the GAB but does not find the user.
    From the Z-Push side there is no way to fix this (not sure if it’s fixable at all).

    We can fix the warning of your log. What happens there is very similar: the link to the attendee of a meeting got lost and we can’t determine the attendee status anymore.
    We can fix the warning, but not the underlying cause of the issue. https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1160

    Perhaps Kopano support can help with that.


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