rule 'forward each e-mail' doesn't work for each mail?

  • Hi forum,
    we are still working with Zarafa 7.2.6 on Univention UCS and want to migrate to Kopano.
    Mail filter rules ‘forward each e-mail’ doesn’t work perfectly in Zarafa. But those are demanded for holiday season. There isn’t any condition in Zarafa’s Webapp which affects each e-mail which is received.

    I started with a workaround to use three different rules with the condition ‘has importance…’ for high, low and normal. Unfortunately e-mails sent via Outlook 2016 or 365 doesn’t make use of the mail header item ‘importance’ or ‘priority’ and so this condition doesn’t work.

    Another workaround is to use the condition ‘is sent to…’ and to add the user’s account. Unfortunately this doesn’t work if the e-mail is sent to a mailing list. When it’s an e-mail within Zarafa to a mailing list which is created in Univention UCS, the e-mail’s header won’t contain any item like ‘’. When it’s an ingoing mail from a different system, I’ve seen e-mails with header information like ‘’. In both cases the mail filter rule isn’t processed.

    Is this issue solved in Kopano’s Webapp and is there a condition available for each ingoing e-mail?

    Thank you,

  • Kopano

    Hi Peter,

    This is indeed added/solved in Kopano Webapp.

    0_1502290356608_Screenshot from 2017-08-09 16-51-25.png

    Kind regards,


  • :thumbsup: great, the users won’t complain anymore :thumbsup:

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