Calendar makes Problems at creating new meetings

  • Hi,
    today I got a problem on a calendar of one user.
    while he tries to create new meetings there the webapp creates many entries in the calendar.
    The Webapp shows connecting problems and reconnections.

    I tried : System reboot, cleaning of the browser cache, browser changing, changing of client pc…
    always the same problem but only for that user account.

    Then I tried the kopano-fsck -u username --calendar --checkonly
    Result: 75 problems
    then without checkonly: 75 problems fixed as result.

    But the error still occurs.
    With the z-push , the calendar of that user can be used normal and new meetings can be created withput any problem.

    E-Mail and other calendars work fine with that account.
    It seems to be a cache problem of that calendar in webapp???

    Kopano Core: 8.4.0-344

    Some ideas would be great!

    Regards Karsten

  • Hi, today there is no problem. everything works fine.

    Question: Is there a internal webapp cache that can travel with the user to other machines? (Like used e-mail adresses) ? And is it possible to refresh it?

    Any Idea what happened?


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