Export zarafa Webaccess suggest contacts to webapp or kopano

Dear Forum,

i have written a post at the old forums regarding an export option to include zarafa webaccess suggest adresses. Martyn stated that they will include this in the webaccess>webapp export script. The original post is archived here:


Today we are still running into the same issue, since we just started migrating the last batch of users towards zarafa webapp. The question ist still valid. Can you give me some hints on how to extract a users suggest database and import them into zarafa webapp (short-term) and later into kopano webapp.

Thank you in advance.


I found the old Zarafa ticket, but that’s not much use to you. It’s probably better to open a support case.

@marty hi marty. Thank you for your answer.

We dont have access to jira, can you point me to some kind of registration form?

Thank you in advance.


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