how to deal with big (zarafa) mailboxes and Outlook / KOE

  • hello,

    so far we use a zarafa server with webaccess and mapi for Outlook. Migration to kopano for the webaccess users seems no problem but what is the best way for the outlook users?

    So far I understood KOE will sync the whole (zarafa-account eventually several GB) to the local client/computer. Furthermore there are shared accounts as well which should be connected and handled.
    So the data will be multiplied (by KOE on the clients). The huge accounts are needed because old emails are often used, so they cannot be deleted.

    So what is the idea/solution/tip to handle such huge accounts with KOE ?

    Any input is welcome, thanks.

    regards, Adrian

  • Ai,
    i have 3 big (20GB+) mailboxes…
    looking forward for this answer.

  • Kopano

    Basically the size is not a problem for KOE/ActiveSync. the initial sync may take a while, but you (hopefully) will only do it once. What manifested itself as a bigger problem are many clients trying to sync the same very busy mailbox.

    In general I would rather recommend to take a look at WebApp/DeskApp if you want to work with lots of shared folders. KOE is rather meant for keeping you own store in sync, plus adding occasionally used stores into the mix.

  • Hello Felix,

    thank you for the explanation.
    I agree with using WebApp/DeskApp but unfortunately most of our users prefer outlook and other internal systems depend on outlook.

    Would it be possible with KOE to connect:
    a) the own stores (hopefully cleaned and reduced) with active sync and
    b) connect the shared mail stores with imap to outlook?
    Furthermore would it be possible in Outlook to drag and drop mail from a) to b) and vice versa?
    I’m asking this because some of the older PC may get a space problem on the disks.

    Thank you, regards: Adrian

  • Kopano

    Hi @liagam ,

    while its of course no problem to add additional accounts via imap, Outlook unfortunately won’t allow you to move items in and out of activesync accounts.

  • Hello Felix
    thank you for clarification,

    Regards Adrian

  • @fbartels said in how to deal with big (zarafa) mailboxes and Outlook / KOE:


    Hi, Felix Bartels,
    doing sync process only once would be fine. But what about changing the people their places occasinally?sync will start again from the very beginning at this place. And so on on the other computer working places people will move to.
    This was just an advantage of Zarafa 7.2 using MAPI that people could use another computer inside their company network without having such a tremendous delay in getting their actual mailbox.
    This is gone now with Kopano. Having mailboxes with 10 to 44 Gbytes the situation is quite comparable to about 10 years ago working with AVM KEN and IMAP.
    How is MS Exchange doing this? I’m afraid, we’ll have no telling argument any more against introducing MS Exchange at this customer.
    There is even no way to discuss the need of such large mailboxes - depending of the business of the customer this is simply necessary.
    But what can be done?

    Peter Altmann

  • Kopano

    @gssd said in how to deal with big (zarafa) mailboxes and Outlook / KOE:

    But what can be done?

    This imho sounds like a way better use case for WebApp and DeskApp instead of KOE.

    If you really want to stick with KOE then you could investigate to move the ost file (and the Koe PST) onto a network location that would roam with the user. Such a scenario has been discussed on this forum before.

  • Hi, Felix Bartels,

    of course, WebApp or DeskApp with Kopano 8.x are working as OUTLOOK did before with MAPI and Zarafa .2. But, unfortunately, the customer is forced to use OUTLOOK because of other systems used there (some ERP Systems and TAPI Software).
    I’m afraid, that this behaviour of Kopano will lead to replace Kopano by Exchange at this customer. I would deeply regret this, because Kopano Administration was MUCH simpler than Exchange!

    Kind regards
    Peter Altmann
    Peter Altmann

  • Kopano

    @gssd if they are using Kopano just for Outlook, then migrating is probably the best choice.

  • @fbartels
    Hi, Felix Bartels,

    Wouldn’t it be also possible to create some add-ins for Kopano Deskapp (which is, indeed, much faster as OUTLOOK) covering the interface to Microsoft Telephone (TAPI) and to ERP system?
    If we can find how to create add-ins we may do. The only problem is to convince the customer of using Deskapp - is there any hidden functional difference to OUTLOOK?

    Kind Regards

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