Contacts in public Folder

  • Hi
    I still have a problem opening contact folders in public folders.
    Ticking the contact folder in the KOE dialogue and confirm, results in switching the activeSync connection to “not connected” and nothing is syncronized. Unticking the folder results in reconnected ActiveSync.
    In the local user log a huge block of continuous text is generated.
    Trying another MySql Database at the same server everything is alright.

    Comparing the “databases” shows me that in the “first” datbase the public folders are named:

    –public Folders
    — alle öffentlichen Ordner

    and not

    – alle öffentlichen Ordner
    — alle öffentlichen Ordner

    perhaps this combination of two languages is not good.

    Is it possible that this fact causes the problem with the contact folder?

    If not, what else could be the problem.

    The user rights of the folders are correct.

    I use Kopano, Z-push 2.3.6+0 , KOE 1.4.209

    regards bskoeln

  • Kopano

    hello @bskoeln ,

    this was an issue with z-push 2.3.6, please update z-push to version 2.3.7.

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