Error Installing Kopano ADS Extension MMC

I tried to install the Kopano ADS Externsion MMC on my Windows 10 Pro System. It exited with an error.
Here the last lines of the error.log:

=== Logging stopped: 19.07.2017 13:32:47 ===
MSI © (D4:18) [13:32:47:030]: Note: 1: 1708
MSI © (D4:18) [13:32:47:031]: Product: Kopano ADS – Installation failed.

MSI © (D4:18) [13:32:47:032]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Kopano ADS. Product Version: 1.0.70. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Kopano. Installation success or error status: 1603.

MSI © (D4:18) [13:32:47:034]: Grabbed execution mutex.
MSI © (D4:18) [13:32:47:034]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist
MSI © (D4:18) [13:32:47:036]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
=== Verbose logging stopped: 19.07.2017 13:32:47 ===

The installation on the Domain Controller worked, as i wrote in the other thread.
But now i wanted to install the Kopano MMC on my Windows 10 Pro Workstation, because i have the RSAT-Tools installed, but the installation doesn’t work.

0_1500468182771_screenshot.32.png 0_1500468187429_screenshot.33.png 0_1500468191043_screenshot.34.png

I’m loosing my hair with this ADS MMC plugin too…
Does it work as expected on the DC itself? Does it show the kopano tabs under users/groups etc?
On which system did you install it?

For the issues your’e having… I have/had the exact same error as you in multiple occasions.
I suppose you’re installing it on a W10-64bit system, right (I’m assuming from the path)?

I managed to “solve” this by executing an elevated command prompt and starting the installation from there.
msiexec /log kopano.log /i Kopano-ads…msi (or just start the msi)
It installed “successfully” that way. I’m using the “” because i cannot manage to make this MMC plugin/extensions work anywhere… no [kopano tabs] showing in DSA.MSC anywhere…
I tried on Win2K8R2 (member), Win2K8 (DC), Win7 (member with RSAT)… no luck :(


Hello mculibk,

On the DC it works without a problem.
On my own workstation (Windows 10 64 Bit Pro) the installation fails.
i’ll give it a try with the prompt (elevated rights).

This time it worked!
The elevated prompt did it!
Thank you very much!

I now have the tabs in the MMC on my Win10 (member with RSAT) and on my W2012R2 DC.

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