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We have Zarafa 7.2 running on Ubuntu and doing SSO to a Windows 2012 R2 Domain.
I now want to install a Kopano testing system also with SSO to the same Windows 2012 R2 Domain.
Kann i install the KopanoADS in addition or does it replace the zarafa-Schema?
What is the best way to have two systems running parallel?

Hello @ekpack ,

you can actually configure kopano ads to use the old zarafa schema. for this see the last not at the bottom of https://documentation.kopano.io/kopanocore_administrator_manual/configure_kc_components.html#installing-the-kopano-ads-extension-and-schema-files.

A parallel use of both schemata was never tested, but given the fact that you cannot easily uninstall a schema in windows ad anyways i don’t really expect a problem with this.

ok, thank you.
i think my question was wrong. My question is, if i can install the kopano extension on the domain controller although i have already the zarafa extension installed.

Hi @ekpack ,

yes that is what i already implied with the ability to use the old zarafa schema with the new ads integration.

it worked. thank you very much.

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