sometime sent mail get stuck in outbox

  • Hi,

    We use Outlook 2016 and KOE 1.4.200 with Z-Push 2.3.7 and Kopano-Core 8.3.2-15

    Everything works as expected, but some times (in the last 2 weeks) a sent mail will not get delivered as it sits in the outlook outbox an never gets synced/sent (if we open this mail and send again it gets sent)

    does anyone know what’s the reason for that ?


  • Kopano

    Hi @externa1 ,

    interesting. One reasons for a mail being stuck in the outbox is that php cannot process it because its too big. But since it gets sent when you reopen that cannot really be the case here.

    places to check to see whats going on:

    edit: is this a new effect btw, or did this also occur with previous versions of z-push?

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