Loading custom fonts into WebApp

  • Is it possible to add different fonts to WebApp?
    I see a fonts folder in the Webapp/Client folder but it doesn’t look like the right location?


  • Kopano

    @robertwbrandt In what way would you like to use these fonts?

  • When creating/editing a message, right now there are only 5 Fonts available:
    Courier New
    Times New Roman
    I was wondering if it is possible to add to that list?

    I did a little research myself and I’m guessing that this is bundled into the tinymce editor and I would have to “hack” this in order to do what I want. Not ideal. :(

  • Kopano

    @robertwbrandt Well, yes and no. We do not currently support adding additional fonts to the editor through the config (for reasons below). But yes, technically you could ‘hack’ a new font in like you say, which you could then select in the editor.

    The problem with custom/additional fonts is that they can only be displayed when the font is installed on the device that has to show the message. Lets say you have added ‘mycorporatefont’ to the list: you can write an email and select the font.

    Where the problem really when you send an email with this custom font to a third-party recipient, as you can not be certain that ‘mycorporatefont’ is also available on their computer (lets not get started on mobile devices). This especially applies to third-party recipients. If a font is not installed on a recipient system, it will most likely revert to a standard font instead.

  • @bhuisman It should be possible by adding a custom online-font via CSS like Google Fonts. We do this already in different Apps like mass mailing that provides CSS-Fonts. E.g. you can use an own font by uploading to your website, so there will be no Content-Security-Policy issues, because the font have the same domain as the mail ;)

    Can you please provide this “hack”, so we can setup our corporate font in Kopano?

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