Could not save


We’ve been seeing a few Could not save message errors on the Web/Desk Apps.

This error pops up occasionally when sending an email, but it always pops up a few tasks from a specific user. I’ve run the kopano-fsck on their account and this has not fixed the issue.

I’ve tried enabling the Kopano-webapp debug.php but I’ve not had any luck with it actually writing the debug.txt.

Any advice as to what might be causing this issue would be appreciated.


Hi Robin,

Could you list the versions of all the kopano packages installed?

Hi Marty,

Kopano Core: 8.3.1-41

Got the debug working and it’s produced the following for the task error;

[10-Jul-2017 12:16:01] ERROR - array (
  'msg' => 'Undefined index: datecompleted',
  'file' => '/usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/mapi/class.taskrecurrence.php:243',
[10-Jul-2017 12:16:01]  - '
@ class.taskrecurrence.php:243 - kopano_error_handler(...)
@ class.taskrecurrence.php:146 - TaskRecurrence->regenerateTask(...)
@ class.taskrecurrence.php:339 - TaskRecurrence->moveToNextOccurrence()
@ class.taskitemmodule.php:268 - TaskRecurrence->markOccurrenceComplete(...)
@ class.taskitemmodule.php:110 - TaskItemModule->saveTask(...)
@ class.itemmodule.php:202 - TaskItemModule->save(...)
@ class.jsonrequest.php:57 - ItemModule->execute()
@ kopano.php:137 - JSONRequest->execute(...)

Could it be the tasks are created with another client / protocol.
For example over active sync?

Hi Marty,

Most of these tasks were created a long time ago via Outlook and the Zarafa MAPI client. I think it’s something like 17/20 of the recurring tasks work fine in the WebApp, but three of them just throw the above error.

As the WebApp cannot create recurring tasks there is a reluctance to removing the tasks.

It may be possible to just use Outlook to re-create the broken tasks though.