WebApp Intranet plugin

So I just came across this Intranet plugin. YES PLEASE!!!

However I can’t get it to work. :(
When I try to use it, I get the never ending loading gif… I want to troubleshoot the problem, but I need to know. Does the page load from the client or from the server itself as a proxy?

If it does use the server as a proxy, does it include x-forwarded-for headers?


Hi Bob,

The loading is probably caused by mixed http and https content.

Have a look at https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KWA/repos/intranet/browse
to check the code

Unfortunately this is not the case, I also don’t have access to the stash repo. :(

But I have a little more troubleshooting to do on my side first. :)


it does not work for me either. I had to disable it. The intranet web pages come up blank no matter what I add as a site.

I’ve also tried that plugin. But as @mcostan says, just blank pages and nothing else…


for me the plugin works as expected - but you need https - it’s not working with http

my config.php for example:



define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_BUTTON_TITLE’, ‘Mailstore’);
define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_URL’, ‘https://server.domain.at:8462’);

// More buttons can be added by adding a number as follows
// Note: Numbers must start with 1 and be sequential
define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_BUTTON_TITLE_1’, ‘Nextcloud’);
define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_URL_1’, ‘https://server.domain.at/nextcloud/’);
define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_BUTTON_TITLE_2’, ‘Guacamole’);
define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_URL_2’, ‘https://server.domain.at/guacamole/’);
// define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_BUTTON_TITLE_3’, ‘Nagios’);
// define(‘PLUGIN_INTRANET_URL_3’, ‘https://server.domain.at/nagios/’);


Ah! I see! I thought @marty was saying it couldn’t be HTTPS… :)

The issue occurs due to mixed content, so perhaps your WebApp is https, but the intranet site is http.
See the previous linked tickets for more info.

@robertwbrandt The repo is now public.