Kopano WebApp Files: Some errors with using WebDav


I have found some bugs in WebApp Plugin Files (files-0.5.0_30.1-Debian_8.0-amd64).

Like in the topic “Configuration UI not showing up” there is the same problem with WebDav.
The variable BASE_PATH is not set. So I have to call the init.php on line 6 in


require_once __DIR__ . "/../Core/Util/class.logger.php";
require_once __DIR__ . "/../Core/Util/class.stringutil.php";
require_once __DIR__ . "/../../../../../init.php";

If I don’t use SSL everything works. If I use SSL with a special port, there is a connection error.

[BACKEND_WEBDAV]: ls fatal: [CURL] Error while making request: Failed to connect to xx.uri.de port 443: Keine Route zum Zielrechner (error code: 7) [500]
[ERROR][AccountStore] Account check failed: Unbekannter Fehler

The plugin uses the port 443 and not the special port.

I have uncomment the line 277 in


        public function set_ssl($ssl)
                $this->ssl = $ssl ? true : false;
                //$this->port = $ssl ? 443 : $this->port;
                $this->log('SSL extention was set to ' . $this->ssl);


Hi Norman,

thanks for your analysis.

The following two tickets have been created, to address those issues: