Hello comunity,

I have question

Always with zarafa i plan to go to kopano
Since 2 month i have 2 Mac OSX in my company
What is the best choice to work with kopano, i need ageta contact and email.
I have test deskapp it’s fun but no ofline option.
This computer are laptop with limited connection.

What do you propose.

Kopano developp an offline deskapp or not?

Thanks in advance

@dfeuilloy said in Mac OSX:

Kopano developp an offline deskapp or not?

There are currently no active plans for this.

I would say that the best and recommended choice on osx is indeed the DeskApp.

I may be wrong here, but I do not think Outlook on Mac supports Activesync which means that sadly z-push will not work.

This perhaps leaves IMAP with Office or otherwise the standard Mac email program?

Not sure about contacts though.

IMAP Support in the latest versions of Outlook is a lot better than it used to be.

No carddav support as per today. Some people say it’s possible to get Sabre-zarafa running, but it does not for me, yet.
So you’re stuck with contacts on Macs. Something that really annoys me.