Kopano WebApp S/MIME: certificate questions


I have some questions abot the S/MIME plugin:

  • Is it possible to keep outdated certificates in the store? For me, it seems, that only one certificate (+ private one for own address) can be stored.
    But how can I read older mails, signed/crypted with outdatet certificate?
  • OCSP: As far as I can see, the issuer certificate is taken from “CA Issuers - URI”.
    I am getting quite a lot of mails from a big company, which has “OCSP - URI” set, but no “CA Issuers - URI” in their certificates. Any chance, to retrieve the issuer certificate from the cert chain?


Hi marty,

thanks for the information.
So there is a good chance, that these points will be improved in future versions.


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