Shared Folders of Other User Visible/Settings?

  • I currently evaluate the newest features of KOE, because we had a customer currently using zarafa and don’t wan’t go away from outlook.

    For the tests i installed the current RC ( and the z-push and webapp mdm plugin of the “pre-final” repository.

    Now i have some questions.

    I had two users, both with normal public calendar entires. I give both users full control rights in webapp for their calendars and mailbox. When i add the calendar over add calendar over address book i see the entries of the other user but only with message “Gebucht” or something else. I also cannot add entries to the calendar of the other user. Is their a way to see and edit the calendar of the other user? I read that their is a “shared folders” feature in the webapp mdm plugin but when i look into this i don’t see this settings button. I can add another ActiveSync account in Outlook to do this, but this only works when all users know the passwords of the other users.

    Does the KOE extension completly download shares folders? perhaps when i had a plublic folder with about 400 GB of company project data, all client’s which added this folder download the complete content?

  • Kopano

    Hello @Beleggrodion ,

    When i add the calendar over add calendar over address book i see the entries of the other user but only with message “Gebucht” or something else.

    instead of using the builtin “open calendar” button of Outlook, you need to use the “shared folders” dialogue that can be found in the Kopano ribbon. More information can be found at

    Does the KOE extension completly download shares folders?

    yes, to display data Outlook at first needs to synchronise it to your local profile. because of this its not really recommended to open huge folder hierarchies. For such use cases Kopano DeskApp and WebApp are better suited.

  • I see the informations already of your link but it looks like the following on my test vm with office 2016:

    alt text

    The GAB is synced and i can see it:
    alt text

    I give full permission over webapp with the normal permission dialog but i miss the following: (Button “MAnage shared folders” and i don’t know if this dialog is needed.

  • Kopano

    @Beleggrodion in your screenshot #1 you can just start typing the name or username of the user you want to open. it will then autocomplete the information from the gab.

    KMP-7 is completely independent of the functionality of KOE. But once this feature has been released it will be possible to also add shared folder information through WebApp (and also add shared folder to mobile devices).

  • I use this question to drop in some experiences we have made with migrating about 50 users to kopano from zarafa.

    For KOE, you need to type in the desired user name, then KOE should find it. Not sure why the drop mechanism does not work. To share something below the mailbox of a user, the user to which stuff is shared needs folder list permissions on the root of the mailbox plus at least read permissions for the item itself (e.g. a calendar).

    As for the huge shared folder problem, we have just setup such folders as IMAP folders in the same profile. You need to adjust the send/receive group for that account though. otherwise outlooks spends all its time on checking all subfolders of the imap account for new messages and this delays syncing the ActiveSync Mailbox. Seems to work fine then.

    Also, after migrating a company with 50 users I recommend to keep the mailboxes small for ActiveSync, “small” being something less than 10GB in any case. Especially subfolders with many small messages in it (like automated messages coming in every couple of minutes) can slow down the syncing so that the users complain about not receiving mail in time etc.

    Resist the idea to first sync only one month to outlook and later “move the slider” to “all messages”. We ended up with some mailboxes synced at the beginning and at the end, but not in the middle…

    Last point: consider to deactivate any antivirus plugins for outlook, they caused us a lot of problems, we have a virus scanner on the mail server so we can afford it.

  • Kopano

    Moved discussion about being unable to open shared store to

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