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  • Hello again,

    i’ve got some problems with the planning of roaming profiles with kopano. - Just with kopano itself.

    bob and anna are both working in one department.
    they are switching computers from time to time because of some licensed programms which can only be run on one pc.
    bob has his profile created on PC-1, anna on PC-2
    bob now wants to open his profile on PC-2 - first of all, the profile itself must have the same name (because of the profile.ost) - ok till now.
    But now to kopano-local-fiolders.
    Everytime a users switch his pc, the mapped folders via koe are gone.

    I’ve tried to change the store-locaton to “%appdata%/Kopano/kopano ol extension/” so the data would be synced with the windows profile. - BUT

    If the profile naming is different (like on PC-1 “kopano” and on pc-2 “kopano-server”) the folder wont load.
    Kopano itself creates a local copy (seen in Datafile - one in Roaming/kopano (synced one) and one in Local/kopano (created one) ) everytime outlook starts.

    my plan:
    We got login-scripts. - So if possible i would place the local-folders on the users Home-drive (Mapped to H:) and execute a copy on login to sync the folders to C:<user>\AppData\Local\Kopano

    So i’ve got a local copy, the remote-folder and everything should be fine.

    Are there some best practice from your side for this?


  • Kopano

    this topic came up before, but without a direct conclusion:

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