Webapp crashed with error 500 / PHP7-FPM


i have a problem with the webapp and php7 fpm.

When i try to connect to my url http://xxx.de/webapp there comes an apache error 500.

The apache log files shows the following errors:

[Wed Jun 21 20:58:27.997753 2017] [core:alert] [pid 11144] [client xxxx:xxxx] /usr/share/kopano-webapp/.htaccess: Invalid command 'php_value', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

try many things to fix this, but nothing helps.

big thanks!

When i try to comment out the following lines in the .htaccess;

# php_value post_max_size 31M
# php_value upload_max_filesize 30M

then a file named “download” is downloaded, when i open this file with notepad++ its completly the same like the index.php from kopano-webapp folder in usr/shar.


the php_value commands in the .htaccess will only work if you are running mod_php.

so either enable mod_php or if you can add the values directly to php.ini (without the php_value text) , that should solve it

The problem with the .htaccess is now fixed i think.

But every .php which is in the path to the kopano-webapp folder is downloaded by my browser automaticly.

When i put the phpinfo.php file in it, it will be downloaded automaticly. same with the index.php from kopano.

why kopano webapp is only developed to old and unsecure mod_php apache handler?

Is there a fix for FPM handler planed in the future?

Problem is solved.

Set the handler for this alias to PHP7 mod_php and now everything works fine.

Big thanks for the help.

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