Request for new functionality - Reply with meeting

  • In Outlook, I can create calendar item by clicking on Meeting button (Reply with meeting)0_1498035584087_Outlook-Meeting.png .

    In WebApp/DeskApp, it is only possible to create task from mail. 0_1498035741772_Webapp-task.png

    I create calendar item from email in outlook every day, and I miss this feature in webApp/deskApp. Create task is not the same, because calendar item is more appropriate.

    I would appreciate if you add the option “Reply with meeting” into WebApp and DeskApp with similar functionality as it is in outlook. I think " Create Task" and Reply with meeting" is technically very similar and it won’t take a lot of time to implement it.


  • Kopano

    Hi Ivan,

    I’ve created a ticket here for this request:

    Please track the ticket to receive status updates.

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